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trumeta performance & recovery set
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trumeta performance & recovery set reviews

trumeta performance & recovery set is designed to tackle all three phases of your physical and mental demands.

phase I - pre-workout:

Getting your mind and body ready to give it your all.

-Take pre-workout supplements 30 minutes before exercise to boost energy and focus.
-Use creatine daily to enhance strength and power levels.

phase I - pre-workout:

phase II - workout:

Optimizing your energy and power to make every step, rep, and set count.

-During the workout, stay hydrated and rely on pre-workout and creatine benefits.

phase II - workout:

phase III - post-workout:

Shifting your recovery machinery into high gear so you get the best gains and you’re ready to go again faster.

-Consume recovery supplement within a few hours after exercise for muscle repair and the restoration of depleted energy reserves
- Daily or twice a day drink bone broth protein for joint health and building muscle mass.

phase III - post-workout:
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