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71 individuals. 30 days.

A journey into the transformative impact of trumeta greens and reds on well-being, stress, focus, and digestion. Dive into their stories and witness nature's superfoods ignite lasting change.

overall feeling improved by 21.43%

How well are you feeling at the moment
on a scale
from 1 to 5?

Before trumeta: 3.5
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 4.25

digestion improved by 25%

Question 2: How would you rate your digestion?

Before trumeta: 3.4
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 4.25

energy levels improved by 37.24%

Question 4: How would you rate your energy

Before trumeta: 2.9
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 3.98

Before | After    

Johnas before and after image Johnas before and after image

“In addition to the Trumeta challenge, I have included other changes such as healthier/cleaner eating, caloric deficit, fasting, etc. The challenge itself provided motivation, and Trumeta provided the energy to support this new regimen. Trumeta also helped reduce the body´s "thirst" for fruit water, which, I felt, helped reduce the body´s acidity. There is a difference of 3 weeks and 5 kg between the photos provided.”

- Johnas

Before | After    

Thomas before and after image Thomas before and after image

“I love the product. Lost 6 pounds without changing my lifestyle :)”

- Thomas

Before | After    

Roberta before and after image Roberta before and after image

“Really enjoyed the challenge, I feel a lot more energized when starting my mornings with Trumeta Reds rather than a coffee (as I used to do). My aim was to get more energy - it was definitely achieved. Moreover, I have also lost 3kg even though I did not change my other routines or diet. This was a very lovely surprise! I do feel that my digestion improved, I don´t feel bloated that much , overall, I just feel better than I used to. The only change was taking Trumeta Reds daily, so I have to thank this product for improving my quality of life!”

- Roberta

immune system improved by 19.71%

Question 3: How would you rate your immune system?

Before trumeta: 3.5
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 4.19

focus and productivity improved by 29.68%

Question 5: How would you rate your focus and productivity?

Before trumeta: 3.2
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 4.15

skin condition improved by 27.19%

Question 6: How would you rate your skin condition?

Before trumeta: 3.2
 | After 30 days of trumeta: 4.07

Before | After    

Mark before and after image Mark before and after image

“It was interesting to participate. Based on my experience I like Trumeta Reds much more than greens taste wise. I loved adding Reds to protein shakes. Really liked the psychological feeling of taking care of myself when using it I suppose.”

- Mark

Before | After    

Agatha before and after image Agatha before and after image

“I felt a difference in my digestion, and immune health, as well my focus improved and i started to feel more productive”

- Agatha

Before | After    

Kriza before and after image Kriza before and after image

“I am thrilled to share that I have been feeling incredible lately, thanks to Trumeta that gave me renewed commitment to health and wellness. Not only have I been able to shed some excess weight, but I have also noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. It´s amazing how much better I feel! I´m excited to continue on this journey and see where it takes me. It has improved my quality of life!”

- Kriza

Your Turn to Shine: Be the Next Success Story

Prioritize your well-being with trumeta greens and reds elevate your self-care journey with the nourishing power of trumeta. Share your stories story at support@trumeta.com and inspire a community of well-being seekers.
Take a step toward a healthier you today!

Participant Reviews

“I absolutely love incorporating Trumeta REDS to my daily living. It makes me feel great.“

- Josephine

“Fantastic product, exceeded expectations. It tastes good and has great effect on a body.“

- Giedre

“Trumeta Greens was a great replacement for a morning cup of coffee! I stopped yawning in the middle of the day, the drowsiness was gone. I use it in the mornings and really feel like I have energy for the whole day!“

- Sandra

“I feel like I have more energy, I also sleep better and have a stronger immune system (I had two different viruses in a month before using Trumeta).“

- Rima

“The challenge was fun, it was also a nice change to my routine to try to remember to drink something in the morning (only forgot once on the last day and made up for it on March 31). The taste of it is super good and some days I felt like I actually got some energy from it. I feel like my digestion was also better throughout March, even though I didn´t have any real problems before either. The thing I didn´t expect was that I was hungry all the time. But didn´t gain any weight (maybe also thanks to my 8-month old daughter).“

- Dolores

“I had to get used to the taste of Trumeta Greens and in the beginning I could not use Greens on an empty stomach because it caused diarrhea. The good news is that by using the product, abdominal swelling has decreased, the quality of sleep has improved, and it is possible to fall asleep much faster and wake up easier in the morning. Taking Trumeta Greens in the morning helped reduce coffee consumption to one cup a day. You don´t crave sweets after lunch because your energy levels don´t drop drastically.“

- Greta

“I would recommend "Reds", it tastes great, and you feel strong and full of energy.“

- Calore

“I felt it helped me to detox and strengthen my immunity.“

- Kilani

“I am delighted that I decided to take on the challenge. The product is fantastic, it works wonders. If I were offered the opportunity, I would be thrilled to always be on Trumeta Reds.“

- Marnelle

“Hello. I work in a child care home. During that period, all our children got sick, including the employees. I was the only one who didn´t get sick. Even though I had to visit a child with the flu in the hospital, the cold didn´t even stick. Although everyone around me was coughing and sneezing.“

- Ausra

“I noticed the most effect in the improvement of bowel function and general well-being, so I think this is a really great product and I would continue to use it.“

- Normante

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. The trumeta challenge described herein was an internal initiative, and the results showcased are based on self-reported experiences of participants. Trumeta's superfood powders are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant dietary changes. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team at support@trumeta.com.