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At Trumeta, our goal is to make self-care easy for the 1.8 billion millennials around the world. As a team of doctors, scientists, and nutrition innovators, we’re tired of the “fake” nutrition pumped out by Big Food. Fueling your body and mind with healthy, organic superfoods used to be a hassle and time-consuming. We’ve solved that problem once and for all.

the problem

As we see it, the problem here is two-fold. First, you’re busy. Between work and family obligations, life’s chaotic. You don’t always have the time to shop, cook, and eat healthy. Second, even if you do have the time, our modern food industry makes eating healthy a chore. Everywhere you look, food is heavily processed, filled with preservatives, or plagued with pesticides.

tired woman tired woman tired woman

that isn’t therapeutic

We obsess over the details. Every superfood in our nutritional formulas is backed by the latest science. Every formula has been extensively reviewed and approved by our panel of experts—doctors, scientists, and nutritionists. You won’t find a trace of GMOs, pesticides, or harmful preservatives here.

plants plants plants

the result

We only use 100% USDA-certified organic ingredients. Rest assured, you’re getting clean, natural, and delicious nutrition in every serving. Just like mother nature intended. Now it’s easier than ever to look and feel your best.

meticulous methodical process

methodical process methodical process methodical process

no excuses.
self-care made easy.

boost your well-being. get on with your day.

We believe in our products, we use our products, and every step of our manufacturing and development process was created to ensure we deliver only the highest quality formulas for your body day in and day out. After all, that’s what you deserve, and we’re here to help give it to you with every product we produce.

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Only exceptional USDA certified organic sustainable sourced ingredients qualify.